All you Need to Know About Homeopathic Medicines


German doctors have rediscovered the 1000-year-old treatment already described by Greek doctor Hippocrates 300 years before J.-C.

All you Need to Know About Homeopathic Medicines

Homoeopathy Principle

Substances that can cause symptoms in healthy subjects can cure the same symptoms in sick subjects. This treatment is in contrast to so-called allopathic medicine, which treats symptoms with the opposite substance. Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed for inflammation.

The two basic principles for preparing homoeopathic medicines are:

  • Dilution. It consists of diluting the primary substance to a minimal amount.
  • Equally essential dynamization, consisting of shaking the material obtained to infiltrate the essence of the mother into water and alcohol.

Another feature of homoeopathy:

Homeopathic doctors in Connecticut take into account not only their illness but those who suffer from it as a whole. Healing of disease organisms characterized by the progressive disappearance of all symptoms can be achieved by targeted drugs that produce images of similar symptoms in healthy organisms.

Treatment can usually be in the form of doses or granules given on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime.

Suppose the examination is associated with an acute illness such as the flu. In that case, the recommended treatment depends on the patient’s behaviour (excitement or depression), the degree of fever, thirst or lack of appetite. , During illness. Treatment lasts only a few days and is taken several times during the day.

With each new visit, homeopathic doctors in Pennsylvania assess the development of health problems that motivated the previous visit. Determine if a new condition has emerged and ensure that treatment is appropriately managed. Next, a homoeopathic doctor will perform a clinical test to make a new prescription available.

How to choose your homoeopath?

Reviews are also an excellent way to find your homoeopath-pharmacists, family, and friends certainly have homoeopaths to recommend! The best homeopathic doctors are the ones who make you feel good, and the treatment gives you satisfaction.

Treatment tailored to the patient

The homoeopathic doctor’s approach is the same as any other doctor’s approach. He asks questions and does clinical tests, and may prescribe additional tests to establish a diagnosis. Specific strategies to homoeopathy are based on more accurate queries and more detailed observations of the patient being examined.

The purpose is to determine and identify the symptoms he reveals in order to understand how he lives his illness. Ultimately, our goal is to issue a prescription that takes the patient’s words into account. Homoeopathic doctors do not treat conditions; he treats patients. With homoeopathic medicine, the treatment is truly personalized.

Advantages of homoeopathic treatments

The critical advantage is that homoeopathic treatments have no known side effects and are not chemically toxic. There are no contraindications or problems with interactions with other drugs. Therefore, pregnant women and young children can safely receive homoeopathic treatment. “The only risk is taking the wrong medication and taking no action.

Like traditional drugs, doctors may have a hard time finding the right cure first, so especially For acute medical conditions, the patient needs to be revisited to reassess the situation.

Homoeopathic medicines are helpful and effective in addition to traditional medication without the risk of interaction. There are no contraindications associated with simultaneous intake of conventional and homoeopathic treatments.

Thinking that our health depends on biological, emotional and social factors is so evident that it seems incredible that a new model of health has had to be created that makes it explicit and valued. But the reality was that we were building a healthcare model. It seemed that the human being had become a sum of analytics and imaging tests, disconnected from everything else.

We seemed to believe that technology would defeat disease, but it is a fact that Homeopathy has been recognized and taken into account for 200 years.

Homoeopathy has always been a biopsychosocial therapy that has understood the human being in all its dimensions. It has taken care to value it and take it into account when it comes to understanding the origin of the disease and the suffering of each patient, and at the time of indicating the most appropriate treatment, always in the context of your global reality.


It is a way of speaking because there is only one medicine, but that medicine of the future must combine all the therapies capable of helping people take care of their health. It is always without renouncing science but without making it a prejudiced and biased tyrant who stifles the development of knowledge and medicine.

In this sense, Homeopathy, due to its way of understanding the human being and its medicines that can be used in combination with any other therapy that may be understood as necessary in each specific patient, would be one of the perfect candidates to integrate this new medicine.


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